Hey, it’s me.

Im Jessie- A California gal by birth and a small-town, midwestern chick by force. After I graduated high school in Sheboygan, Wisconsin (where?!) I left my family (& my farmer cousins) to venture back to the west. I spent the last four years earning my B.S. in Tourism Development and Management at Arizona State University and spent the summer of 2015 studying sustainable and international tourism down-under!

Culture, food, people and travel have always been kind of my thing. I believe that we can learn so much from people around the world and have been lucky to experience that first-hand since I was a baby.

when I say travel is my thing I also mean I love airplanes. Call me a big aviation nerd, I don’t care! Catch me looking up at the sky every time a British Airways Boeing 747 flies over us. In Phoenix, Arizona this is one of the few airlines where you can fly non-stop to London! To put it simply, airplanes fascinate me. This is one reason I wanted (and still do) to become a flight attendant and another reason I love to travel.

Overall, I am so passionate about adventures because I know how powerful they are on the mind, body and soul. The people you get to know, the off-the-beaten-path’s you will walk, the food you will eat and the adventures you will take are all ways you will come back to be smarter, kinder and wiser. You will come home refreshed and alive.

So here it is. I hope this finds you well. I hope I can encourage all of you to get your passports ready and fly! I hope I can inspire all of you to go to that place you’ve always dreamt of visiting. I hope you too, can turn your wanderlust dreams into a reality.


 “Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” – Ray Bradbury