A guide to starting your travel blog

I hope you’re wondering how this all started because that means i’m doing pretty okay on here. My Wanderlust Dreams, here you are. This platform was something I have dreamt of creating for so long. It has only been a short few months and already I have let this website flow in its own way. I have grown fond to change and I am no longer afraid of it. I embrace the adjustments because I know that ultimately that is what drives this place to grow. Anyway, enough of the yogi lingo in my words… Lets get down to business.

Have you ever wanted to create one of these things? Ever wondered how the big leagues got to where they were today? Me too. Want to know the secret to their success though? They started. That was the big ticket moment where their dreams weren’t just dreams anymore. Just like anything else it takes time and practice to understand something. The Blonde Abroad didn’t just wake up one day and become a travel blogger but instead, she worked her a** off everyday to achieve results. Let me tell you, results happen when you work at it consistently. I had plenty of late nights of trying to get themes to work and a handful of Youtube videos watched, but the end (only the beginning) was worth it.

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I didn’t wait any longer to start the blog. I had a huge spark of motivation and energy, that I just started and watched the magic happen.


I made the very confusing leap of getting hosting by SiteGround, a company I highly recommend over competitors like Bluehost. I say that only because SiteGround was inexpensive over their competitors and I have been nothing but happy. I have had the best customer service when I switched everything over as well (You will have so many questions when you switch over and will need someone who knows what to do!)


I didn’t stick to the regular “WordPress”. All of those late nights of trying to upload a theme ultimately got me to research why it couldn’t work. I finally realized that I would need to get a host in order to use my purchased, better looking themes.

Speaking of themes, I found my theme here at Envato market through Themeforest. I once spent good money on a theme that provided me zero directions and when I called to complain they recommended I spend another 150 dollars in order to be one of their “preferred” customers. Again, I am loving Themeforest because of their customer service. Uploading a theme and putting together your content isn’t always easy, so it’s good to work with a company that has your back.


I started to focus on creating content and mixing new with the old. Instead of selfies and quotes on my Instagram, I started to post meaningful and rich photos from my current and past travel experiences.

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