My Favorite Camera Gear For Traveling

My Favorite Camera Gear For Traveling

I know that people always wonder what content creators are using (I always wonder!) so I thought I would show you guys exactly what I use to create my content for the blog, my social media and most importantly, content creation for brands. It is SO important to invest in your equipment. The last camera I had (Nikon D60) I used for 10 whole years! Yes, 10! It may seem like the gear is expensive, but trust me it is worth it when you don’t have to make a big purchase for a while. Below you will find everything from my camera, drone, to the other accessories I use! Simply click the link to shop!


Canon 6D– I upgraded to this camera because it was one of the most inexpensive full-frame (Basically if you use a wide angle lens it is the actual width vs. a cropped sensor will crop the width) DSLR on the market at the time when I bought it. I had heard good things about Canon and decided to give it a go! It comes equipped with 20.2 megapixels and can also shoot video and has wifi for easy access to your photos to your smart phone. Keep in mind, this camera does not have a flash so you would need to purchase an external flash if you shoot with one. I don’t use flash so it was perfect for me!


Canon EF 50mm– This was the first lens I purchased for my new Canon 6D. It’s actually AMAZING & amazingly CHEAP! At only $125 USD it is practically a steal and is so great for those of you just starting out. This lens isn’t very wide, but is great for portraits where you want the background to blur a little bit. It is also super sharp. This lens doesn’t zoom.

 Canon 16-35mm f/2.8– Don’t let the price tag on this bad boy scare you. It is one of the most powerful lenses I’ve owned. You can get all of those great super wide angle shots with this one. For the most part, this lens is the only one on my camera. You can go from 16-35 on here so the zoom is there. The focus isn’t as crisp as the 50 mm but that is because there is so much where it can focus! I am glad I invested in a wide angle to have in my camera bag. It’s so fun to use.


DJI Mavic Pro– I LOVE THIS DRONE! I love that I can get unique pictures and high quality (4k) video with this bad boy. It is very easy to use and comes with the micro SD card, battery charger and the remote control. When shooting in higher quality the battery tends to fade quickly. This is why I recommend purchasing multiple batteries so you are always prepared to get back in the air if you want more shots! There are a ton of different features on the Mavic that make it so fun to use and to get great shots! It’s also super small and compact making it easy to travel with (BONUS!)


Camera Backpack– This is my favorite camera pack for so many reasons. 1. It has room for all of my electronics and then some (Even my MacBook Pro!). There are so many places for your gear and personal items you would need when you travel. & 2. it comes with a waterproof cover for the entire backpack. This was useful when we were walking through the rain on a trip one time. I didn’t have to worry about my backpack getting wet! I got mine in the black color and love it!

Tripod- You really want to find a sturdy tripod that is the right hight you are looking for. I believe I went to best buy and found something that wasn’t too expensive, but gets the job done. A good tripod is going to have you covered for a while, so again, always good to invest. I don’t use this as much as I had thought because I mostly have my boyfriend shoot my photos. For solo travelers I would highly recommend this and a remote to start a self timer.

Camera Strap– Gone are the days when you have to use the same strap the retailer provides you! My sweet boyfriend picked up one for my birthday in a small town in Peru. Made by women of the tribe & it is now one of my favorite parts of the camera. You can find so many options on Amazon that will fit your style. Leather, polka dots??? So many options!

 If you have ANY questions about my gear please feel free to comment below.


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