A Year 2017 Reflection

A Year 2017 Reflection

Holy smokes! That year really flew by. Time actually does fly when you’re traveling…Having fun I mean. It wasn’t all 787’s and rainbows but there sure were plenty of both.

I traveled to seven places in 2017, 7! It doesn’t sound like a lot, but let me break down my life for you: A dog, a full-time (sometimes overtime) job, a ton of student loan debt and everyday life consume me yet I still made it a priority more than ever to hop on a plane, train or automobile. This year, I learned more than ever that a few hurdles ain’t NOTHIN’! I wish more people could realize this because it was the most freeing realization yet.

I started a new job, a new blog and a new mindset. Looking back on it now and I am SO GRATEFUL that I started My Wanderlust Dreams. I literally turned a dream into a reality. Ever since I remembered I wanted to start a platform like this. In 2017 I simply made the decision to start!

Now back to the travel part. I learned how to get creative with Paid Time Off, Holiday’s, 10 hour shifts and a lifesaver, Chase Sapphire Reserve (Check out my review here). All of my trips were paid in points because of this bad boy & it also gave me access to premiere airport lounges (THE BEST PERK).

I traveled to New York City (Twice), Virgin Islands, Peru & Machu Picchu, Bali, Seattle, Palm Springs (Many times), San Diego, Los Angeles (Twice) and explored Arizona more. Gosh I loved these places and I love airplanes. We also had the best sushi and ramen on a Tokyo layover so much that we may or may not be headed back to Tokyo in 2018 (Stay Tuned).

One other amazing part of 2017 was partnering and working with so many hotels and resorts. Guys, this has been a dream of mine for so long and if it’s yours too, I URGE YOU TO START REACHING OUT. It’s a pretty amazing gig! I don’t make money off of it yet, but I am fortunate enough to get discounted or fully comped stays in exchange for my services. It’s been a long time coming, and didn’t happen overnight but again, all you have to do is start. You’ll be surprised how far you get with a year of dedication.

So there ya have it, A short look back at my year. I hope 2018 brings a few more destinations, airplanes and love. What are your plans for 2018? Let me know in the comments below!


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