Checking In: El Retablo Cusco

Checking In: El Retablo Cusco

Wow, I’m terrible. We explored Peru in May, and I’m going to be honest, I’ve been slacking. Maybe my mind needed a rest with the blog. Nonetheless, I am back in action catering to help you #findyourwanderlust with one of the last hotels we stayed in, El Retablo. Before our stay, I’d never spent the night in a more unique spot. The walls were covered with paintings and sketching. The vibrant colors filled my vision. You know when you see a rainbow and you are kind of just happy in that moment just for seeing it? It was kind of like that…

You see, this hotel kind of hits close to home. When I was younger (& still to this day), I only drew one flower. It was a vivacious sketch with curved petals and a messy inner core. Some of them would have wild leaves on the ends and some would just be plain with the petals. These were the exact flowers that were painted on each wall ceiling of El Retablo. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it, but for some reason those flowers got me thinking. It’s like the rooms spoke from my childhood all the way to my present. “Look who you were in the past and look who you have become”- is what I imagined the walls saying to me. Each flower more colorful and alive one after the other. Each growing in size and getting stronger.

Any Hotel or Resort can leave you speechless. The nice ones tend to do that, but I’ve never had one actually speak to my soul. It sounds so hippy but man is it true. El Retablo, you stole my heart with the colors and art you spread throughout your hotel so much that I will never forget you. Okay, okay enough about me, lets get to the good stuff:


For just $90.00 a night you too can experience the beauty of El Retablo in Cusco, Peru. I can assure you it will steal your heart as much as it did mine. The location being just a walk away from town and in front of an amazing view.


So what do you think? Would you stay here?!




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