How I used my Chase Sapphire Reserve points on a round-trip ticket to Bali

How I used my Chase Sapphire Reserve points on a round-trip ticket to Bali

Let me just start off by expressing how lucky I feel everyday. I chatted with a girlfriend who explained that her husband and herself do one trip internationally and one domestic each year. Each year?! I think I would freak if I was only on a plane twice in one year (Those who really know me would agree with this statement). My boyfriend and I talk all the time about how lucky we are that we get to go on multiple trips in one year this young. I never feel ungrateful for the opportunities and am truly hashtag blessed with the experiences I’ve had thus far. September will be another one of those opportunities as we head to Indonesia for 10 glorious days. Bring on country number 10 because this wanderlust gal is headed to Bali!

I forgot to mention the most important part: I scored my round-trip ticket for 0 dollars. Yes- zero, for free, no money, not even taxes all thanks to my Chase Sapphire Reserve points. Okay, so let me back up. Points are never free. I feel like that’s a very big fairy tale myth actually. So let me say it again, points are NEVER free. When I first signed up they still had the 100k bonus after you spent a certain amount on your card. That amount + previous travels and everyday swipes gave me a steady balance of points on the daily.

Fast forward to a few “free” trips later and it was time to book another one. One of my last on points alone, but well worth it. With the Reserve, I receive 3 points for everything travel related and food as well as 1 point for everything else. 

It would have been almost $400 to fly into DPS in Bali, so we opted for an $85 plane ride after that to get from CGK-DPS. Traveling is all about being flexible especially if you are on a budget. On your next trip do some research, look up different airports and be open to different ways and you will be able to find flights like these!

What’s your favorite travel credit card? Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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