Match: Restaurant & Cocktails, Phoenix

Anyone can serve dinner. Anyone can ask “How may I help you”. Trust me, I’ve been there. It takes an army to truly serve not only dinner, but an experience. An experience so exquisite that you are moved to (almost) tears. This, my friends is how Match Restaurant & Cocktails does it.


I was greeted with a cold glass of Rose. Perfect, I think the manager just read my mind. I chuckle to myself. I’m sitting at the few high tops situated right next to the kitchen. Literally, I am pretty much in the kitchen. If that’s not an experience in itself, I don’t know what is. Right next to the action I watch as the hustle and bustle occurs in the kitchen and then the Chef greets me. “So if you’re not allergic to anything and are pretty hungry, I think we are just going to give you a taste of a few different things”. Fine with me. Course after course was brought over. The best part? Each course brought even more conversation with the staff. I learned more about 8 people in a short amount of time then I ever had before. The food was amazing, but the people were what truly made this place special.

It’s been a few years since i’ve been in this type of industry but I still remember how hard it is to be on your feet for hours and how tasking it can be emotionally. These men and women are here when the kitchen is open, and even a few hours before and after. You live and breathe your restaurant, and these people start to become your family. We chatted about how there are sometimes 100 hour work weeks. What? 100 hours? I can barely make it alive working 40 hours. I might have forgot how hard these people work in this industry. Nonetheless, I was in awe of the passions behind the kitchen and on the service end. Everyone has their own individual goals and plans for the future, but when they start their shift at Match they come together as one to elevate the experience of their customers and that did not go unnoticed.

My experience at Match was almost indescribable. I try to write how magical the experience was, but I almost can’t put it into words. At the end of the experience I asked if I could go to the back of the kitchen to say goodbye. I hugged every single person in the back of that kitchen. I thanked them for letting me in on their lives and for curating such amazing dishes. Match, you have my heart.


Everything was incredible. The Charcuterie was like something i’ve seen on Chef’s Table. Actually, everything was like what i’ve seen on Chef’s Table. Each course was beautifully crafted and the taste… I loved it all. This is a top destination to be added to any foodie’s restaurant bucket list! Check out the photos below for a snapshot of what I was served.

Have any other foodie recommendations around the area? Leave a comment below! Thank you Match for having me!


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  1. September 20, 2017 / 3:56 pm

    This is somewhere I need to go! Love the pics!!

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