San Diego Postcard: Seeking The Sunset In La Jolla

San Diego Postcard: Seeking The Sunset In La Jolla

The California coast is one to remember. It runs on and on for miles but the differences seamlessly blend together. La Jolla is my favorite part of Southern California’s coastal towns. It brings a romantic part of the coast out. It’s professional, yet playful, and a whole lot of sexy. The most beautiful part is what brought us to the shore from a few miles inland: The sunset.

La Jolla is not shy of things to do. Dine at top notch restaurants, snorkel, swim, people watch; Really the opportunities are endless. Although a Southern California sunset viewing may not be your number one thing to do on vacation here, it surely is a must.

It’s peaceful. My hippie sister wanted to bring a speaker but as soon as we got there, she was glad she didn’t. Picture people as far as the eye can see posted on the sand and grassy areas above all to seek the sunset here. There wasn’t much movement except for us goofing around with the hoop. I don’t think people minded the entertainment though.

If your next vacation is to head to the coast, I highly recommend ending your evening here, to watch the sunset before your eyes. La Jolla is a special place with beauty everywhere you look.



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