Palm Springs Postcard: That Pink Door

Palm Springs Postcard: That Pink Door

It was a sunny and beautiful Easter day in Palm Springs, California. After an enjoyable brunch at the Hyatt Regency in Indian Wells, we made one last stop on our Palm Springs adventure and headed to the very popular That Pink Door. Stalk their Instagram here! (I know, A door has an Insta, shocking.)

You can find this Instagram worthy door at 1100 E. Sierra Way Palm Springs, California 92264. It’s on this trendy 60’s styled road with plenty of other immaculate homes near by. My girlfriend Hannah and I posed next this door completely alone. Although we did see plenty of cars driving past and even a couple posing for photos when we made our exit.

If you’re dying for this Instagram shot I highly recommend checking out this spot when you’re in Palm Springs. It’s in the heart of downtown and is quite the photo-op.

Have you been to That Pink Door? How did you enjoy the neighborhood? Comment below!


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