5 ways to pamper yourself on a budget

5 ways to pamper yourself on a budget

Saving money is all about making good choices, am I right? If I make a choice to save $30 dollars instead of spending it on a manicure every two weeks I am saving $60 dollars a month. It’s a choice I had to make not too long ago when I decided to put my towards travel and paying off debt. This girl is all about “Treat yourself” but these days I am finding ways to do that still, but on a budget. Here are five ways i’ve saved plenty of cash while still pampering myself at home.

1. Wax  your own brows- I know, it sounds absurd. I had been getting my brows done every two weeks since I was 14. I thought, how could I give up this ritual? I can’t even draw a square how could I wax my own brows? It did take practice and I wasn’t always the best at it, but practice makes perfect especially when you save 20 dollars a month!

Budget tip: I used to pay 7-10 dollars every two weeks for waxing/threading. This would cost me over 200 dollars a year. I made the switch to waxing myself and only spent 24.99 for the kit! (Almost the amount of 3 brow waxes alone!) This has lasted me over year, saving me the money I spent for so many years before this. This wax lasts forever, and only requires that you purchase more application sticks. I use the Brazilian Bikini Wax because it’s the hard dry wax that does not require a strip.

2.  Give yourself a mani/pedi- I actually hate waiting for my nails to be done and most of the time don’
t even have them done. When I do need them done I do them myself, saving 30-60 dollars a month! Budget tip: I use Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color for $7.46. It lasts longer than normal polish and is a fraction of the cost of a mani/pedi at your local nail salon.

3. Soak in a bubble bath once a week- This can even be free, but I like to add my favorite bubble bath Dr. Teal’s Soothe & Sleep Lavender Foam Bath. Light some candles and you have yourself a romantic date with yourself and a relaxing evening.

4. “Splurge” on a kelp hair treatment- Back in my splurgy days, I once spent $60 on a kelp treatment at a spa. Gone are those days, but the good news is getting a hair mask doesn’t have to cost you that much. In fact, It won’t even cost you $10. SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Mask gives you all the nourishing power of that pricey spa service, without ever leaving your home! I love this product!

5. Coconut oil (for just about everything)- Coconut oil protects the skin while providing a ton of antioxidants and nutrients! You can even put in in your coffee as a creamer! How do I use it to pamper myself? I use it as a shaving creme and a body wash. Check out Anthony’s Coconut Oil. You can get 54 ounces for $18.99!

Check out these products below! How do you pamper yourself on a budget? What are your tips for treating yourself right. Comment below!



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