Exploring Joshua Tree National Park

Exploring Joshua Tree National Park

If you’re ever wondering what a desert oasis looks like then you should head to Joshua Tree. For miles and miles the Mohave Desert will astonish you. It will blow your mind with the varied types of landscapes, boulders and yes- Joshua Trees.

We just happened to “pass through” on the way there and back from Palm Springs, California. “Passing through” means we drove through the parks entirety not just once, but twice.

The park charges Joshua Tree guests 25 dollars for a 7 day pass. Not the least expensive park fee in the world, but definitely worth it.

Spending a weekend there also isn’t that hard to do. It took us about three hours to get there from Phoenix. (Not a bad Friday night road trip if you dare to set up camp at night).

Both days we were there we did nothing but frolic Joshua Tree’s great land. We climbed on boulders, walked trails and rode off into the sunset (literally) on the way back to Phoenix through the park.

The budget: You can make your trip to Joshua Tree as inexpensive or as pricey as you would like. Choose to camp right in the park in between boulders or rent an immaculate air bnb- it’s up to you.

What do you think about Joshua Tree National Park? What did you love about it?


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