Let me show you how I spent the day in Bondi Beach solo:

Let me show you how I spent the day in Bondi Beach solo:

If you’re ever in the land down-under, there are a few iconic little towns you just can’t miss and Bondi Beach in Sydney is one of them. On the last of my 5 weeks in Australia I found myself solo as I awaited my 15 hour flight back to the States. Solo travel isn’t always easy. I found myself at the start of my solo journey freezing up at the thought of venturing anywhere past my hostel. You ease into it though, and eventually the caution dissolves.

It was 9am when I stepped on the bus that would take me from the Sydney Harbor to the Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 7.29.11 PM.pngiconic Bondi Beach. My stay in AUS prepped me in public transportation, so this 45 minute “trek” was nothing. In fact, this bus ride will take you through all the towns and places you may have missed had you not gone for it. In no time, I was seeing silhouettes of shoreline.

Bondi, I have arrived, solo…

img_1694Bondi is really similar to a coastal town in Southern California. There are surfers, lots of shops, plenty to eat and of course plenty to drink. The vibe is a relaxed beach town but not as hippie as Byron Bay. Out of all the days I spent in Sydney, this was the only day with sun and wow, was it heaven.


Its a pretty active town as well, which is another thing you will love about Bondi. Everyone is walking the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk or surfing and swimming. On this beautiful day how could you not though?!


  1. Take the bus to Bondi Beach (& grab a window seat to see Sydney along the way!)
  2. Walk the busy street and do a little window shopping at the beach shops.
  3. Explore on the Bondi to Bronte Coastal walk.
  4. Head to the Bondi Icebergs Club and scratch that off your beautiful bucket list!
  5. Grab a hotdog for lunch and head to the beach.
  6. Grab an ice-cream and chill on the grass

So there is how I spent the day in beautiful Bondi Beach. I lounged and people watched and of course, took an Instagram:



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