Three places to find the best bikinis that won’t breaking your budget:

Three places to find the best bikinis that won’t breaking your budget:

Bikinis bikinis bikinis. Oh how every woman loves them. Scroll on Instagram now a days and a new and perfect swimsuit pops up that screams, “Gotta have it”. Pull up the link, scroll and notice a big bummer: The price tag. You think to yourself, “How could two tiny pieces of fabric be $200.00?” In order to fulfill your every dream of having a new (but not necessary since face it- you already have 10.) swimsuit you forget about your bank account and swipe your card.img_1671

When I started to prepare for my first spring break trip to Cabo, I swiped my life away on all of the spring break necessaries. A new top, a few new shorts and an itty bitty blue expensive bikini (See above). Since then, I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade when it comes to shopping for your new suits and you won’t have to break the bank to do so.

Here’s 3 shops I highly recommend  when your next trip requires a new bikini:

1. Nordstrom Rack:img_1663

Thank you, Nordstrom Rack. You have made the search of designer bikinis so simple- And for more than half of the price! Before our most recent trip to the Virgin Islands you bet I had to stock up on some new bikinis. This swimsuit is Tavik Swimwear and you can find it on their website for a whopping $150.00. Want to know home much I picked this bad boy up for? I got it for $55.00.  A deal I don’t normally call a deal, but knowing the quality of the suit, I couldn’t possible resist. There, I have also seen the brand Mikoh, Frankie’s and many more top brands all for more than half off.


2. Forever 21:img_1669

Hidden gem alert! If you haven’t already checked out their good online, do so IMMEDIATELY! Forever 21 has come a long way when it comes to their swimwear. A once, undesirable bikini brief, now cheeky, fun and cute! You have to see it to believe it, so give it a look. When I headed to San Pedro, Belize I made sure I was ready to go for swim gear! Check out this scooped back one piece I rocked there. Want to know the best part? It was only $20.00. (I’ll take 5 at that price, thanks Forever 21!)


3. Last Chance Clearance Store (Sorry folks, not online and Phoenix, AZ only!):

GUYS YOU CANNOT MISS THIS PLACE. If you are reading this and you are local, you must check this out. Basically, everything that Nordstrom cannot sell goes here. Not just that, but it is at SUPER discounted prices. Like, $10.00 for $100.00 designer sandals. In this case, I shopped right before my trip to Thailand in hopes for a new bikini (And boy did I find one). I found a $95.00 swimsuit bottom from 6 Shore Road that cost me $3.50 and mixed that with a $3.00 top from Becca. Together, it made the most perfect pair and I didn’t even spend $10.00.


These three places have been my go-to when I want to grab a cute new bikini for my trips. I know for a fact that you do not have to break the bank to look cute! So get out there and start searching! I know you will not regret it.


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