Here’s how we spent our first full day in New York City:

Here’s how we spent our first full day in New York City:

Imagine waking up in a dreamy Brooklyn Heights apartment. You know, the one with the original crown molding and ceilings you couldn’t even think about touching. Or the two immaculate windows that beam in natural light and demand you to start your day right. This, is home. Or at least it was for a few days while we spent the New Year with family.

Today however, it is raining. Even though the sun was nowhere to be found we didn’t let that stop us from venturing out. First stop, breakfast:img_1650

  1. Russ & Daughters- If you’re looking for high-quality bagel, this is your spot. I personally could have settled for a bagel and smear on the side of the road but when the locals rave about it- You do it. (Or eat it in this case) When you go, you will find
    that Russ & Daughters makes for more of an experience than a casual breakfast. If you’re looking for Denny’s, this isn’t certainly is not it.  Expect to wait. And wait. Wait some more. And wait again.We practically toured the whole neighborhood when we finally got the text that our table was ready. (2 hours later) No worries because this hand crafted bloody mary with dill-infused vodka made the wait well worth it.img_1652

Even though I don’t normally eat this dramatic of a bagel, I was told it was not to be missed and you shouldn’t either. Not only does Russ & Daughters have fabulous menu items, but they also have tradition. One quality that can often be missed in businesses now a days. (Fortunately, if you head to NYC, you can practically find this everywhere!

2.  We coffee shopped our way back to to our humble abode in Brooklyn while taking the road all tourists travel, the Brooklyn Bridge. With some of the best views of the city and beautiful architecture, this iconic structure is a must. Although, it may had been better if it wasn’t busy holiday season in NYC.



After we spent the morning gallivanting Manhattan, we headed home for a quick cat nap before we went across the bridge once more for dinner in Korea Town. Wandering through any type area that is immersed in culture is a huge win in the city. Food and people so authentic you wouldn’t even believe you were in the city anymore. (Look up and the towering buildings will remind you.)

We set in our reservations at a popular restaurant called Jongro BBQ. While we waited the two of us set foot to a must see location:img_1653

3. Times Square- The city is always booming, but come to the city prior to New Year’s Eve and its a whole different animal. Another iconic location not to be missed and definitely quite a view at night. We wandered through the chaos until we both decided to wander back to our oh-so-delicious dinner. I can assure you that when you leave your table at Jongro you will be happy and full.img_1649

As dinner came to an end, we headed back to Brooklyn for the last time of the night. All is well that ends well, right?

Day-one recommended itinerary:

  1. Head over the Brooklyn Bridge and do it all for the Insta.
  2. Grab breakfast and/or lunch at a famous restaurant.
  3. Stop at at least 3 hipster coffee shops.
  4. Head to K-Town for dinner and grub down.
  5. Walk a few blocks to see  Times Square thrive at night.
  6. Don’t wear boots with a heal (I learned my lesson).

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