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Jessie Rose is an Arizona State University graduate with a Bachelor degree in Tourism Development and Management. Her passion for Tourism started at a young age when her family moved to India where they lived for over two months. Since then, airplanes, hotels, food, people and other cultures hold a big place in her heart. Follow along for stories of Jessie finding her wanderlust one new destination at a time.

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I’m going to start with saying that I have never been to Seattle nor have I ever been anywhere near the Pacific-northwest. With no expectations, we landed in SEA and headed straight to our hotel. (It was about 11pm, don’t judge.) Seattle brought many first’s, but the most special one is that prior to our trip, I had never stayed at a Kimpton Hotel before. I left feeling certain I might never go back to any other brand… Kimpton’s Instagram describes their brand spot on: Unique, Stylish, Spirited. Let’s be real here though, Kimpton you had me at the wallpaper in the bedroom.

The Space

We had the opportunity to stay in a high rise standard king room the first night and on the second night we found ourselves in a spacious suite on the fourth floor. It overlooked some pretty amazing street views and falling orange leaves. The sitting area had enough space to sit 5 or 6 comfortably. Curtains separated the bedroom where the magic of the space comes to life. I loved the view, the walls and the convenient amenities. Each closet came prepped with 2 robes, a yoga mat and an umbrella.

Each night, they serve complimentary wine in the lobby with a fire blazing. Every part of the hotel was created for comfort and relaxation and having a service such as this allows a guest to feel at home. Whether you want coffee in your room or coffee on the way out in the lobby, Kimpton does their best to provide anything you might need to enjoy your stay.



Outlier aims to bring the “many faces of Seattle” together to create this unique type of ambiance. Grab a signature cocktail for happy hour  or sip coffee as you await your Eggs Benedict. (We did both). Both drinks and food on the menu are carefully created with the best ingredients. The service was outstanding and if you know me aside from the food, that’s what really makes a good experience turn great.

The verdict

If you’re looking for a hotel in the perfect location, Kimpton Hotel Monaco is the place to be. Its just a short walk away from Pike Place Market and right across the street from the Seattle Public Library. We even walked to the space needle and back. & if walking isn’t your thing borrow a bike from the front desk. This service is complimentary and is a great way to explore the city! The location, amenities and design will make your trip to Seattle one to remember.

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Wow, I’m terrible. We explored Peru in May, and I’m going to be honest, I’ve been slacking. Maybe my mind needed a rest with the blog. Nonetheless, I am back in action catering to help you #findyourwanderlust with one of the last hotels we stayed in, El Retablo. Before our stay, I’d never spent the night in a more unique spot. The walls were covered with paintings and sketching. The vibrant colors filled my vision. You know when you see a rainbow and you are kind of just happy in that moment just for seeing it? It was kind of like that…

You see, this hotel kind of hits close to home. When I was younger (& still to this day), I only drew one flower. It was a vivacious sketch with curved petals and a messy inner core. Some of them would have wild leaves on the ends and some would just be plain with the petals. These were the exact flowers that were painted on each wall ceiling of El Retablo. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it, but for some reason those flowers got me thinking. It’s like the rooms spoke from my childhood all the way to my present. “Look who you were in the past and look who you have become”- is what I imagined the walls saying to me. Each flower more colorful and alive one after the other. Each growing in size and getting stronger.

Any Hotel or Resort can leave you speechless. The nice ones tend to do that, but I’ve never had one actually speak to my soul. It sounds so hippy but man is it true. El Retablo, you stole my heart with the colors and art you spread throughout your hotel so much that I will never forget you. Okay, okay enough about me, lets get to the good stuff:


For just $90.00 a night you too can experience the beauty of El Retablo in Cusco, Peru. I can assure you it will steal your heart as much as it did mine. The location being just a walk away from town and in front of an amazing view.


So what do you think? Would you stay here?!



Oh, how I love a good resort; Especially a practically new one. Mountain Shadows, you take my breath away. No, really- you do! The views of Camelback Mountain and the ravishing interiors make you feel like you’re in a whole other world (& definitely not Phoenix!). Thank you Mountain Shadows for letting me experience one amazing night of luxury.

The vibe was a mix of modern luxury and 60’s retro. This has to be my favorite combination. Its sexy and blends well together. Check out this sexy room!

Check in was a breeze. After some down time in the room we got a knock on the door with some welcome treats and a few bottles of sparkling water. That night we enjoyed an amazing dinner at Hearth ’61 and a little hot tub session after that. We awoke to room service on our patio and lounged at the pool like a true stay-cationer.

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Shelby Naturals, you rock my world. Atlas, a skin care routine that actually works. A product that I trust and admire. I found out about these products on their Instagram and knew I needed an all natural skin care routine in my life.

Here’s the truth: I’ve been lucky enough to have pretty great skin. Although the seasons bring dryness, oil or minor breakouts I’ve never really “needed” a serious regimen or routine. Slab some cheap face wash on when I feel like it and there ya go! I guess I’ve always wanted a better routine, but never saw it as a priority. Then, Shelby Naturals shipped the Daily Essentials Set over and I fell in love. I realized just how powerful a routine with good products could be on my skin.

I’ve been using this set daily for about a month now and I’ve seen amazing results. I feel more confident than ever with my skin and have totally ditched makeup. My skin glows naturally and feels wonderfully smooth. I was a little worried about the products since they are oil based, something I was not used to. I thought the oil would clog my pores, but it actually does the opposite. The oil is able to cleanse the entirety of the pore thus removing every imperfection.

You can find the kit here or any individual product here. I like the kit because it comes with a cleanser, toner, serum and a cloth. I also received the moisturizer that I apply both day and night after the serum for ultimate hydration. Shelby Naturals is a must for your routine and I know you will not regret giving these products a shot!

So, what do you think? Check out Shelby Naturals for the ultimate skin care routine, you won’t be sorry.

Let me just start off by expressing how lucky I feel everyday. I chatted with a girlfriend who explained that her husband and herself do one trip internationally and one domestic each year. Each year?! I think I would freak if I was only on a plane twice in one year (Those who really know me would agree with this statement). My boyfriend and I talk all the time about how lucky we are that we get to go on multiple trips in one year this young. I never feel ungrateful for the opportunities and am truly hashtag blessed with the experiences I’ve had thus far. September will be another one of those opportunities as we head to Indonesia for 10 glorious days. Bring on country number 10 because this wanderlust gal is headed to Bali!

I forgot to mention the most important part: I scored my round-trip ticket for 0 dollars. Yes- zero, for free, no money, not even taxes all thanks to my Chase Sapphire Reserve points. Okay, so let me back up. Points are never free. I feel like that’s a very big fairy tale myth actually. So let me say it again, points are NEVER free. When I first signed up they still had the 100k bonus after you spent a certain amount on your card. That amount + previous travels and everyday swipes gave me a steady balance of points on the daily.

Fast forward to a few “free” trips later and it was time to book another one. One of my last on points alone, but well worth it. With the Reserve, I receive 3 points for everything travel related and food as well as 1 point for everything else. 

It would have been almost $400 to fly into DPS in Bali, so we opted for an $85 plane ride after that to get from CGK-DPS. Traveling is all about being flexible especially if you are on a budget. On your next trip do some research, look up different airports and be open to different ways and you will be able to find flights like these!

What’s your favorite travel credit card? Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!