5 Ways To Practice Self Care

5 Ways To Practice Self Care

Self care is probably the most important thing you can do. I often wondered if treating myself to cute underwear or bras was self care or was it selfish? People- Let’s not get those mixed up. Practicing self care will NEVER be a selfish thing to do. To me, in order to be SELFLESS I have to make sure I am taken care of first. I have to make sure my gas tank is “filled”. Only then can I give my all to others. Over the years I’ve learned a few great ways to practice self love and self care. I probably do these things twice a week but honestly who’s counting… The more love the better, am I right?!

  1. Take out your sock/bra/underwear drawer and ransack it. Throw it all on the ground and get rid of the undies that no longer fit, the bra that you never wear and the socks that don’t match. You don’t need those raggedy ones anymore. You are BEAUTIFUL and deserve the best. Organize what you have left over and then head to Hanky Panky’s website and TREAT YO SELF. I picked up some amazing staples like the lace bodysuit, black lace bralette and a plain long black t-shirt (Perfect for layering in the winter!). Okay so the shirt isn’t lingerie BUT it is an important staple in your closet. Also pick up some cute lace thongs because you probably just threw out 18 pairs of underwear so you’re going to need an upgrade. Spoil yourself rotten because you deserve an upgrade.
  2. Take yourself out for a lunch or coffee. Especially since I’m in a relationship, alone time is often forgotten. It’s important to check in with yourself. Ditch your phone and grab one of your favorite coffees or smoothies and just enjoy the time with yourself.
  3. Draw a bath, add your favorite bubbles, light a candle and ditch your phone. This is one of my favorite self care acts especially during the winter. Baths just calm me down, warm me up and gives me a moment to myself to regroup. I like to pair this with a face mask and a glass of wine for optimal self love.
  4. Grab your journal and just write. I’ve learned to master the art of journaling from my Spiritual Life Coach, Jamie. Now I can’t go a day without writing in it. I like to start each journal entry with 5 gratitudes. I also love to add my intention for the morning if I’m writing in the AM. Give it a try and you’ll feel much better about anything going on in life.
  5. Treat yourself to a massage, facial or mani/pedi. I don’t do these often but these are some things you can do once a month or even every other month. All of these are going to make you feel 100 percent renewed and rejuvenated after.

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