Checking In: Hideout Lightroom

Checking In: Hideout Lightroom

It was all a dream… We were 2.5 hours away from Canggu in a village far far away (Literally, a village!). I knew staying at Hideout was going to be a dream but I guess I didn’t realize just how “dreamy”. You know you find amazing accommodation when you literally do not want to leave. Hideout, your eye for design, perseverance of nature and wild life and your wonderful staff has me counting the days until I can be your guest again…


Nature surrounds you everywhere. This eco friendly bamboo hut is an experience like none other. You fall asleep to the animals and wake up to the sound of morning: Birds chirping, the river flowing, sometimes even rain drops falling. The peace and tranquility I felt during our stay was truly inspiring.

The staff provides you with a sandwich press, peanut butter, bananas and bread for a killer PB&B. An assortment of tea and coffee also makes for an incredible start to your day.

Hideout’s interior is trendy yet minimal. The white linen sheets and mosquito net left me wanting to lounge in bed all day and dreaming about going to bed again. An outdoor shower and bath add the the “eco” vibe and ultimate relaxation.

Lets not forget about the coolest part- The critters. It’s truly an animal friendly place. The house puppy Julie trots in and out like any carefree dog wood and one night we even heard a cat outside. Birds and frogs roam free as well as the not so fabulous guests, leaches. I had one stuck to my foot and I didn’t even know until it fell off in a cab! I know, not cute but what do you expect from being completely in nature.


Every Insta gal alike will fall in love with the space here. An outdoor shower surrounded by greenery and trees above, a soaking tub prepped with flowers and bath salts and loads of candles. It felt like I was in an eco spa (Never been but assuming Hideout Lightroom is like and eco spa, haha!)


10 out of 10 would recommend. We only stayed for two nights so I highly recommend making it a retreat for your mind, body and soul and staying a few days longer. I left this space feeling rejuvenated and happy. The staff was friendly and able to answer any of our questions. I would recommend bringing some of your own food that is easy to make just because spots to eat are limited (I also never wanted to leave because it is so magical here, just wanted to eat peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner!). You can book here on AirBnB!

** Please note that reservations do fill up fast here. If you know you are traveling to Bali, please book a few months in advance to solidify your spots! Do not wait until last minute to book or you might miss the magic of this place! Good luck!




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  1. Cath
    January 14, 2019 / 9:57 am

    Hi, such a lovely blog about hideout Lightroom! I am also booked for two days in March, and I am wondering where else did you go while you were booked there? Thank you and this will definitely be of help!!

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