My only regret in 2016

My only regret in 2016
A regret? No way? Despite the tattoo on my side that says “je ne regrette rien”, (“I do not regret anything” in French) I have one massive regret from 2016 that I wanted to share with you. I’ve been chatting with a few girlfriends of mine who are about to graduate from University. The exciting feelings are fluttering and new beginnings are starting to spark. For some, they know exactly what they will be doing while others are still deciding on their next adventure.
A lot of people are starting to feel the pressure of securing an 8-5, and are panicking about this. I urge you to pause and reflect on your current situation. I want you to dream for a moment of what you always have wanted to do because honestly, the time is now. I felt the pressure from the majority of my friends who had already found a job. I thought, if they have a job, I need a job, right? wrong. I technically didn’t “need” a job until my student loans would kick in a few months later. This was my moment to spread my wings and fly into My Wanderlust Dreams. I didn’t fly. In fact, I didn’t even try.
This is where my regret comes in. You see, I had six months of freedom before my hefty student loans came in. Instead of focusing on something that would have made me happy before the loans, I focused on what “everybody else” was doing. I accepted a position that I didn’t even like “just because everyone was doing it”. If I could go back, I would have taken those six months to go to the number one place on my bucket list. I would have returned happier, and would have looked for a job then. For most of you, you will have student loans and trust me, these aren’t going anywhere.
Every time I chat with an upcoming graduate, I urge them to travel. I urge them to take the trip of their dreams and experience the desk job later. The position and the loans will be sitting patiently waiting for you to get back, I promise.

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