Hanging out with Jennifer Locke

Hanging out with Jennifer Locke

On my Instagram, I reached out to my followers letting them know that I was desperately looking for someone, anyone to let me snap their pretty faces. I haven’t informed you all on here yet, but I recently purchased a Canon 6D (Splurge and a half). I am so over the moon for it and need some friendly (or not so friendly) faces to snap photos of with it. Here’s where Jennifer Locke came in real clutch.

Not only does she tower over me, but her luscious and long locks (get it) flow past her shoulders. We met at sunset to snap these insanely beautiful shots. We know each other from college although she is a few years younger than me. We bonded about her upcoming study abroad trip, one I had done so many moons ago. Oh, to be young again (Just kidding i’m still young just not in college anymore.)

Jennifer, thank you so much for spending your Monday night with me, I know you had projects and endless studying to do. The camera and I thank you!

*If anyone in the Phoenix area is looking for any type of photography done, I would be happy to assist with that.


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