This is the real Fiji: What you miss when you stay in a 5-star resort on the island

Fiji was an experience I never expected, but was everything I had been wanting. I’ve never needed pure luxury in a vacation. To me, it’s about the experiences and the journey that get me off. During our 5 short days in Fiji, we saw the places that most people wouldn’t. Especially those blinded by the luxury blinders of their resorts.

It’s not a problem, whichever way you chose to travel is your way. I always want to take away a piece of culture with me, however, so I want to see those real moments of a culture. I want to sip Kava with the village, I want to dance with their children, I want to breathe in the Fiji jungle and I want to see the struggles of a new country.

Here’s a glimpse into the “real” Fiji. No over water bungalows here- just this beautiful place and beautiful people.

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