You won’t believe the outfit I scored for less than $20

Oh Last Chance… How I absolutely love you. I’ve mentioned you once before in my post about bikinis but aren’t you a joy for dresses and shoes too. I love this place. No matter how chaotic the feel or disorganized, the feeling of a bargain makes it all worth it. You see, i’ve never been the one to swipe on name brand clothing. I’d much rather spend that kind of money on experiences. It seems however, that every trip I go on, I feel that I need a new item to rock, naturally. When I head to Last Chance I know I won’t feel bad grabbing the $75 dollar dress because I only got it for $7… Dreamers, I present to you the outfit I found for under $20 and how I rocked it this afternoon with a cute springy vibe. What’s your favorite bargain shop? Comment below!

DRESS: Midnight

SHOES: Topshop

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