Wellness Wednesday

Raise your hand if you’ve ever lost yourself before (Slow hand raises while looking around the room). Let’s face it: Life happens, and thats okay. What’s important is when we know how we can bounce back to our goals, dreams, loves and balances.

Have I been lost before? Absolutely. But it was when I learned how to focus my energy on certain (important) things and it finally clicked: I found my balance! It takes a little bit of discipline, that’s a fact. Steering your decision making to completing that paperwork or heading to the gym, or even getting out of bed is getting you to achieving what  need and want to do.


I found myself always waiting for the deadline to complete something, or waiting until I was told to do something. I got sick of it. Realizing that tackling these things almost like a game, gave me motivation and drive. It sounds tacky- But it’s true. It just clicked: Why am I waiting around? And what am I waiting for? 

Life is too short to wait around. Get yourself out there and DEMOLISH your goals. What are your goals lately? Let me know, i’d love to hear about them! Share below!




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