Here’s what I’m thankful for:

I’m sitting here on my flight trying to figure out how it is almost Christmas already. The year flew by faster then this flight did. As I sit back and watch people board, I wonder why the holidays came and went so fast. I sit and wonder why this season seemed to have no meaning to anyone. I hope people were as grateful as ever, but knowing that nobody is perfect makes it hard for me to believe that.
As I watch a show on minimalism this morning I can’t help but think about the countless Americans that are awaiting their materialistic gifts. For a few months now they have been working on their lists of gifts that are given for one reason: A day on a calendar. Something that used to have so much meaning is now discounted on a date that a parent must save for- all so that their child is still a “normal” kid in society. It would practically be child abuse if a child was left with nothing on this important holiday. One thing I’d like to tell my future offspring is to be thankful for your health. Be thankful for the things that come easy everyday. Be thankful for your lungs that powerfully, yet effortlessly breathe your air. Be grateful for the things that bring you freedom and life and love and forgiveness and truth. For me, I’m thankful for my open mind, my family, and my boyfriends family. Don’t discount the simple things my friend.

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