Here’s how I spent the day after I quit my job: (& NEVER looked back).

6:00a- Wake up, get showered, get ready.

7:00a- Login to my work computer, send important documents to my manager and ask to meet with him. Explain that today would be my last day and that I was grateful for the opportunity but am deciding to go another route.

7:30a- Get back home…Relieved. Make coffee, snuggle with my dog and my sister.

9:30a-Grab breakfast with little sis. Have an amazing avocado toast, chat, catch up… Breathe.

10:00a- Wait the lines at Last Chance with my sister.

11:00a- Get our Costco Memberships activated (our christmas presents), try samples and devour a whole Costco cheese pizza.

12:00p- Get home… vegg out… chill.

12:30p- Take our dog Atlas to the dog park to tire him out.

2:00p- Go to Best Buy… Bought the $600.00 camera i’ve been wanting.. just because I can.

4:00p- Relax

6:00p- Over indulge in our favorite restaurant and laugh and chat with my sister.

8:30p- Hug my sister goodbye and wish her a safe trip.

9:12p- Crawl into my bed and write this blog.


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