Here’s why i’m saying “Fuck it” to my first big girl job (& why i’m okay with it).

I found myself coming home after a long day of work angry, stressed out, and exhausted. Everyday I brought my work drama home with me.I cried to anyone that would listen and complained about the day. Anyone who has just started their first big-kid job knows the struggle that comes with the college to work transition. It is pretty much a month of depression and coming to grips that you aren’t in college anymore. With any job there was good days and terrible days but when the terrible days outweighed the good days I had to come with grips that maybe this first job wouldn’t be my last…

They say the average person switches jobs 10-15 times in their lives. Meaning, the average person says “fuck it.” or “i’m moving on.” a handful of times to move on to the next opportunity. Now a days, millennial’s are getting scrutinized for their desire to leave a job and to move on to something new; thus switching their job for the first time…

Top 5 reasons for switching to a new gig:

  1. Higher pay
  2. Relocation to a different geographic area
  3. More interesting work
  4. Changing career focus
  5. Finding a better work-life balance

So- If the average person is changing a job a handful of times in their lives, then why in particular are millennial’s getting such a bad rep for doing exactly what is “average”?  No, I didn’t anticipate switching jobs with not even a year under my belt and yes, I did try to stick it out like my father told me to do. I think we as millennial’s know more than ever how to make ourselves happy. We know ourselves to the point where we are willing to walk away from job’s we cannot tolerate. We know how to work hard but just like everyone else, need a reason to work hard. A promotion, a pep talk, a casual pizza party, an understanding boss, a cool work environment… These are the places where we want to work. Changes in culture happen all the time, and it is up to corporate america to make that change to accommodate the next generation of hard workers.

This is something that I looked for while finding my new job. I made sure the majority of current employees working there were happy (something I did not do at my first job). I checked the next day if they still were happy… checked back again… and again… if they still were happy. I wanted to make sure that I was really switching to a job that actually aligned with my values and beliefs…

Top 5 reasons I am switching jobs:

  1. A better work-life balance
  2. Schedule flexibility
  3. Better benefits
  4. Less stress
  5. I wanted to find myself again

Number 5 should be number 1 and it should be bolded. Where was I? Who had I become? I lost myself in a 45-hour work week. I realized that money was not a motivator. I found myself lost so many times throughout the day’s. I’d search for vacations and pretend like I was working. I would ask my dad what to do only for him to give me the “You Millennial’s speech” they love to give their kids…


This is why I am saying “FUCK IT!” to my first job. I need my happiness back, and there is no problem with that.

*Sorry Dad*


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